Policymakers and public health experts unanimously recognise the disproportionate impacts of COVID-19 on vulnerable persons: even in countries with well-developed responses, the outbreak and its repercussions imperil the basic well-being of social groups whose livelihoods are already precarious.

COVINFORM draws upon intersectionality theory and complex systems analysis in an interdisciplinary critique of COVID-19 responses on the levels of government, public health, community, and information and communications. Promising practices are evaluated in target communities through case studies spanning diverse disciplines and vulnerable populations.

7 Objectives for COV-Inform

To reach the project goals, seven objectives to reach were defined by the project consortium:


Analyse preparedness, initial responses, and subsequent responses to COVID-19 across the EU27 countries and the UK and selected third countries.


Index and model relevant dimensions of health, socioeconomic, political, and community vulnerability and resilience within a multidisciplinary and intersectional theoretical framework.


Compare selected regional/local responses within 15 EU countries, with a focus on local social structures and multi-level governance processes at the local level and whether they diverge from national response plans.


Assess the impacts of national and regional/local COVID-19 responses on human behaviour, social dynamics, and physical and mental health outcomes within both general populations and specific vulnerable groups.


Implement intervention or pilot case studies in selected EU and non-EU countries, with a focus on transferring promising practices for boosting well-being within specific vulnerable groups.


Develop policy guidelines and promising practices to influence adherence to behavioural advice across different groups in society and improve the resilience, wellbeing and mental health of the population.


Integrate the project parameters, data flows, research findings, case study assessments, and response guidance into the COVINFORM COVID-19 Knowledge Repository.

Project Objectives

The COVINFORM project will: 1) assess COVID-19 responses in a multilevel governance framework; and 2) develop an online portal and toolkit for stakeholders in the governmental, public health, and civil society/community domains.